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Rozee.pk is Pakistan’s largest digital career platform with over 15 years of experience.


Legally compliant solutions

We worry about all the licensing, and legal needs of your business so you don’t have to with the ease of entry and exit


End-to-end talent acquisition

Get tailored SaaS solutions or let our teams will find, shortlist, and evaluate candidates for you to hire in Pakistan


Turnkey solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions allowing you to conveniently establish and expand purposefully


Managed HR Services

You manage your remote employees, we help you design HR policies and manage operations


Payroll disbursement

One-click payment disbursement through state-of-the-art corporate portal integrated with HRMS


Financial wellness wallet

Our proprietary digital wallet embeds financial solutions designed responsibly for employees

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80% of our 10M Professionals are from the top 15 industries

Information Tech Finance Human Resource Media Business Development Telco Public Sector Call Center Health Manufacturing Education Engineering Services NGOs

Rozee.pk is Pakistan’s largest HR tech company which provides cutting-edge solutions to the top national and international companies such as, The World Bank, Coca-Cola, Teradata, Nestlé, McDonalds, Kia, Telenor, United Nations, and many more.

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Rozee.pk is Pakistan’s largest career platform, connecting top talent with employers from across the globe.

Why Pakistan?

  • 4th ranked freelancing community
  • 2 Million enrolled college students
  • 64% Youth bulge
  • High speed fibre-to-office internet connectivity
  • Rapidly expanding ready-back-office infrastructure

Diverse Skilled Talent Pool

A population of 231 Million. Readily-accessible, multi-lingual talent pool for seamless migration and outsourcing.

Top industries include IT, HR, Finance, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, Data Science, and Engineering.

Cost Effective

The operating and talent costs in Pakistan are globally competitive and most affordable.

State-of-the art infrastructure

Infrastructure and connectivity available for ready back office, including Fiber-to-Office, 24/7 power backup, and security.

Connectivity and protocols available for remotely working employees

Go Global in minutes!

We’ve got you covered! Be compliant with local regulations as you onboard, manage, and pay remote employees without establishing local legal entities.

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We are extremely satisfied with the EoR services offered by Rozee.pk. Their team went above and beyond to cater to our specific needs and provided us with tailor-made solutions. From handling payroll and benefits to managing employee contracts, they demonstrated a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. We highly recommend Rozee.pk's EoR services to any company seeking reliable and comprehensive employment solutions in Pakistan.

Mr.Omair Javaid
Director of DG Private Hire Ltd, United Kingdom.

As an international employer, finding a reliable EoR partner was crucial for our expansion plans in the Pakistani market. Rozee.pk's EoR services have been instrumental in helping us establish a presence. Their flexibility, attention to detail, and commitment to compliance have made them our trusted partner. We highly recommend their services to any organization looking to expand globally.

Ms.Mahreen Arshad
COO, SOZIE, United Kingdom.

Rozee.pk's EoR services exceeded our expectations. The team provided us with exceptional support throughout the entire hiring and onboarding process. They ensured compliance with local regulations and helped us navigate the complexities of the Pakistani labor market. Their expertise and commitment to service excellence made our transition into Pakistan a smooth and successful one.

via Management of an IT Company in Germany